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What IS a website screenshot?

Answer: Put simply, it is a screenshot of any web page (any page on a website).

Check out this great example of a web page screenshot (Bing homepage on 10.30.2017):

screenshot of bing homepage


Why would I use this FREE screenshot service?

Answer: Taking a screenshot of a web page is simple and easy, but it can be tedious. You must visit the web page (can be dangerous, if the page contains malware) and use the appropriate keyboard commands or a browser plugin. Then, you will use an image editor (can be costly, unless using FREE online image editors) to crop and trim the screenshot. But why use yet ANOTHER site when this one does it all for you?


How can you provide this AWESOME screenshot service for FREE?

Answer: This service is partially supported by advertisements with remaining hosting costs covered by Shrink The Web, a freemium, profesional version of a screenshot service that offers fully automated website screenshots and premium features not found anywhere else.



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